How to Survive Your Hospital Stay A Patient’s Guide

A hospital stay does not mean you are in the complete care of the doctors and nurses. You are also in charge of yourself and there are several things you can do to make the say more convenient. Check out the following tips.

Remember that everyone is trying to help you

We all know that hospitals are filled with people who have specialised jobs. The doctors, nursed, therapist and physical specialist among others are all trying to help you to get well. Being polite will go a long way in making sure your recovery is perfect.  In most cases, the people who you are working with are always under orders. If you have any concerns, you should ask to speak to the person who makes orders on the treatment

You are still in charge

Most patients do not realise that they have the power to refuse any kinds of treatments because they are still in charge. You should still be careful on how you go about it. if you have information on something that one of your caretakers does not, you should always enquire first before you proceed with any form of treatment. Always be the first to tell when you feel that something is not right.

Know and respect the hospital routines

Your stay at the hospital comes with several protocols.  For instance, some nurses will come every few hours to check on you and take some samples.  They will check on you even during the wee hours of the night, even when you do not need any assistance, medication or just basic check-up. They can also deliver medication, clean your room and bring more supplies to the room. You should expect this throughout your stay at the hospital.

You will be frustrated at some point

Many aspects of hospital stays are of course, very frustrating. For instance, some people will find themselves surrounded by many pieces of equipment which makes it completely hard for anyone to rest. The tube tangles, beeping machines and wires make the hospital stay even more frustrating. You will find yourself calling for hospital assistance to do even the slightest of things. Sometimes, it will take them a while before they reach you for the assistance which can cause more anger and frustration.

Bring a support crew

 Being alone in the hospital is one of the worst experiences you can imagine.  Even though there are many interruptions during both periods, there are also instances where you find yourself alone. It is very easy to start thinking about negative things in life and this can set you back a lot in the healing process. Having a crew to support you is one of the most incredible things you can do for yourself and your healing process. you find that having two hands to help you eat, walk and advocate for you makes the hospital stay much easier.

Play an active role in your care

Doctors and nurses prefer it when you are actively involved in your care.  For instance, enquire about your medication and progress; it might be a little difficult but it will help you understand your situation even better.