Things you should do during your hospital stay

It is always important to be prepared for medical emergencies. You never know if you or a family member will be visiting the hospital for a long term stay.  A long hospital stay may be unexpected and full of a surprise but you should always be ready for anything. Long hospital stays are not pleasant if you ask anyone. Positive energy will go a long way in helping you heal faster and getting the best care you deserve.

Have someone serve as your advocate

When you have been admitting to the hospital, you need someone who is professional, assertive and smart to be your advocate. Someone should not qualify just because they love you or you two share family ties. You have to look out for an intelligent person who understands what is going on and is able to make decisions under pressure. The advocate should be smart enough to stay cool and keep their emotions stable. They should also have interest and power to make solid decisions on your health and interest when communicating with the doctors.

 If you have not yet chosen your advocate, you should do it before it is too late. You have to be proactive in providing a medical power of attorney a directive advances care to the hospital and physician.

Be a good patient

Relying on trusted doctors and professionals is highly recommended because they have the capability and power to help you heal. A person lying in a bed with some medical pains or other conditions is most likely going to be in pains, taking a lot of medicine and feeling out f control.  You are very likely to be centred or thinking with your reasonable self, which makes it important to think twice before you make any choices.

Examine the diagnosis and recommended treatments

As hard as everything may sound, it is important that you and your advocate, family or partner understand what is happening.  Once you guys understand what is happening to the body, making a choice for the treatment option will not be as hard. You could get only one or multiple treatment options which are completely ok.  This will help you work collectively with the professionals in making the right choices for you.

Rely on the nurses

Your nurses and doctors are the only people who might really understand what is going on with your body. The physicians are usually so busy, especially because they work under a strict schedule. You may see them doing multiple rounds a day but they will not pay much attention to you because there might be too many people who are in need of their attention in the hospital. They will come for regular checks on you, track the vital signs and talk to you on things you do not understand about the treatment. They also make a practical suggestion and assure you you’ll be alright.

Feedback to the hospital

After a long hospital stay, you are bound to go home some time. You can reward the caregivers with a simple thank you in writing to their boss or superior. This recognition is very important for them and their reputation.