Tips from doctors and nurses

Hospital stays can be painful, uncomfortable and frustrating. To make the stay more comfortable for you or a loved one, professionals often give advice to the patient and their advocates. The following professional tips will help you sleep better and recover faster during your stay at the hospital.

Talk to your nurse about the doctor

If you are not in favour of the doctor or MD that is assigned to you, you do not have to take it. The interaction can be unpleasant and will interfere with the healing process. You can always ask for the hospital to change doctors and they will do their best to make sure your accommodation is just right. you can start by having a conversation with your nurse or talking to your advocate to make the request in your place.

Come with your own pillow

You have probably heard this a million times before. Lucky for you, most hospitals allow the patients to come with extra pillows to the hospitals, especially if the stay is going to be super long. Make sure you check with the hospital before you check in to confirm that you are not going against any regulations.  If you want some specific level of comfort, you have to make it on your own.

Include your own toiletries

Depending on what hospital you are going to, the toiletries are normally not that great. Since the hospital has to cater for many people every day, they only purchase what they can afford. The lotion may come out too watery and the bars of soap may be too small. The toilet paper may be cheap quality and you may not be used to that. The safest way to stay in the hospital is by buying your own toiletries and making sure you are comfortable. You want your stay to be as comfortable as possible, but if you are in hospital for a long period this might get expensive. If you find you are short of cash for those comforts a short term loan might help you get through until you are back on your feet.

Ask questions if you need to

When you need something from the caretaker’s doctors or advocates you just have to ask. This is the only for you and your advocate to make the right decision about your health and other concerning issues.

Take a notebook with you

When you have something to ask or remind the doctor and caretakers, the notebook will come in handy. Sometimes, you can easily forget what you needed to ask due to confusion and disorientation.

Take as much rest as you can but do not forget to get out of bed

You need as much rest as you can get if you are staying in the hospital for a long time. Some treatments can be energy consuming which makes it harder for you to heal better. on the other hand, it is not good to keep yourself confined on that little bed. walking around will give you the much-needed strength and help some parts of your body heal faster.

Do not leave your family alone You should never let your family or loved one spend even one night alone while they are in the hospital. Most hospitals will allow the patients to have someone in the room with them. you can help by taking them to the bathroom at night and informing the doctor where there is trouble among other things.